KmsAuto Net 2019 Official Windows Activator

KmsAuto Net 2019 Windows Activator: Microsoft product are not free, you have to purchase the product to get amazed with the full features of it. Don’t waste your money on the product key if you have a better option than it. This windows activation tool activates any version of your window and MS Office. You can get full feature of activation windows and MS Office by using the product KMS Auto Net 2019.


KMSAuto Net 2019 is the famous windows activator which is well known because of its high-quality features, simplicity and secure windows activation. It is wise enough to select it foractivation Microsoft products and you won’t regret it.

This windows activator has a lot of versions with enhanced features. It is best to ensure that you are using the latest version of KMSAuto lite. After the activation process, do reboot the system. The entire process of activation takes nearly 3 minutes.

All of the windows users need to activate Microsoft products through product keys or license. Most of the corporate users get the official license or the authorized version from companies while students face difficulty in activating software’s especially windows. The organization will have the opportunity to activate Microsoft products within their network using KmsAuto. Kms gives room for automated activation usually for a period of 180 days.

Finding a product windows key online is a lengthy process and does not provide reliable results. While most of the activators available online are free but are packed with a virus that will surely harm the device or the data.

Just download KMS Auto Net 2019 Activator and enjoy the full features of window activator and windows without buying it. When you install it on your PC then it automatically detects the version of the product and activates it in a fraction of seconds.


Characteristics of KmsAuto NET:

  • This is an open software that can be used by all window users to access features of Microsoft edition they have downloaded.
  • The software is fully free to use, one has the full potential to unlock the new Microsoft edition he has without any hassle.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to access KmsAuto NET services.
  • Once you have downloaded the product it will work as long as your computer is still working. There is no feature expiry or activation required. It is a once in a lifetime affair.

Top Key Features:

  • KMSAuto NET 2019 is all in one source software to activate all version of the windows.
  • It also offers a fast and simple activation of any windows.
  • In order to support Windows 10, TAP driver renewed
  • This activation tool is free of malware and virus.
  • Completely editions of Windows and Office products can be activated using this software
  • It also provides a very user-friendly interface
  • In addition, the product provides fast and easy activation, working within a few seconds
  • It can also enhance the performance of your computer system
  • This software is the most used tool for activation of Windows products
  • As well as, It supports all editions of Windows and Office products for activation
  • Fully compatible with antivirus software
  • Utility included; MSAct Backup
  • Recompiled KMS activator service and antivirus will not detect as the threat
  • Added keys for Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2019

Benefits KMSauto

  • User – friendly interface.
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Costs nothing
  • Allows you to save hundreds of dollars per annum

System requirements for KmsAuto Net 2019 Windows Activator

In order to install the software, you must ensure that the Hard disk space is more than 5MB, and your computer should have the administrative authority and the Net Framework 4 package. If not then it is your liability to install it on your system. Having satisfied those requirements, the software will run if the following system requirement is met.

These requirements vary with one computer to the other.

For Windows 8(.1) pro; Office 10/Visio/project; Windows server 2016

For Windows 8(.1) enterprise; office 13/project/Visio; windows server 2012(r2) all version

For Windows 7; office 16/project/Visio; windows server 2008

Antivirus and KMSauto Net Activator

Antivirus programms is every now and again taken by KMSAuto as a malevolent utility. In case you use the record downloaded from our site, we guarantee the nonattendance of contaminations and trojans in it.

To easily use the activator for Windows and Office, you need to add it to the once-over of exceptions if you have Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Comodo. Diverse antiviruses may call this limit in a startling way.

Fake incitation of the antivirus is a direct result of the manner in which that the activator contains complex utilities that modify the structure reports of the Windows OS.

In case you use the characteristic antivirus in Windows, by then cling to our rules underneath.

How do you download KmsAuto Net 2019 Activator?

The downloaded version of this file comes as an archive.  At first, you need to download the activator which is available at the official website. Then use the password windows in order to unzip the activator after having downloaded it. The extraction will take few minutes. After it’s done you can run the KmsAutoNet.exe file. After a successful launch, the activator will open and by clicking ‘ACTIVATION’ you can unlock your windows-Activate windows.

How to Activate Windows?

  1. Download KMSAuto Net 2019 activator from our site
  2. Now after downloading complete now open the folder
  3. Install on your system
  4. After complete installation, close
    KMSAuto Net if running
  5. Restart the window to complete Windows activation.
  6. Done! Windows is Activated.

How to use KMSAuto Net?

Using the activator is very simple (especially in automatic mode). First, you need to download KMS activator from our website. Then simply open the archive of the program.

  1. Right-click on the executable file and select «Run as administrator». If you do not do that, the program will not be able to add a license key.
  2. You will see the activator main window. Here, click «Activate».

Now select the product you want to activate: Windows or Microsoft Office. You need to click the appropriate button.

  1. The activation process will be displayed in the console. The message about the successful installation of the key will be also there. In addition, the blue background screen displays technical information about the application.
  2. Then the built-in scheduler will prompt you to create a task to reactivate the OS automatically. Agree with it simply clicking the «Yes» button. You can choose not to create the task, but in this case, you will have to reactivate the product manually after a certain number of days.

Now Windows OS has almost «official» license key installed. This method of activation is also good because you can safely download and install updates from the official Microsoft servers.

Attention! The activator requires NET. Framework 4.x package for proper operation. You should download and install this component for proper KMSAuto Net work. This component is also required for many other programs. Therefore, the installation of it will not be excessive.

As we finish up, we have recently taken a gander at the KMS Auto Net Activator in full subtleties. As we recently expressed, the program can be utilized to activate Windows just as renditions of Office from 2010-2016. Keep in mind, don’t go jabbing in the propelled settings in case you’re uncertain of what to do!